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How to create a digital newspaper?

Sure, you must have searched for that on the internet, hence you have ended up here on this website. We have experience in creating websites for news sites or online newspapers. From assisting with hosting and optimization to server migration, we've got you covered.

We also understand that the future of digital journalism is NOW. So if you wish to have your own news portal, we offer our packages that we handle.

A website for the newspaper is a great way to reach the community and keep them updated on what's happening locally. It also gives people the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions with the newspaper. A website is also a great way to ensure that the newspaper is easily accessible to people who are not able to go to the store or pick up a paper.

Online Newspaper Packages

News Website

$3,500 / MXN
  • Basic Design
  • 4 Banner Spaces: 2 on Homepage and 2 on Articles
  • Not including training, logo adaptation, image optimization, or basic SEO.

News Website Plus

$7,430 / MXN
  • Custom Design
  • 8 Banner Spaces: 4 on Homepage and 4 on Articles
  • Google News Registration**
  • Image Optimizer
  • Basic SEO
  • Adsense Registration (If you wish to monetize)
  • User-friendly and Attractive Design
  • WhatsApp Contact Button
  • Add Facebook Pixel

+ Android

$14,658 / MXN
  • Everything included in the News Website Plus Plan
  • Mobile Application for Android

+ iOS

$19,543 / MXN
  • Mobile Application for iOS
  • Mobile Application for Android
  • Everything included in the Online Newspaper News Website Plus Plan

What our sites include

A digital newspaper is a newspaper that is available in digital format. They are also known as electronic newspapers or online newspapers. They are not physical newspapers and are not printed. They are published online and can be accessed from computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. Some newspapers have apps where you can download them to your phone or tablet. The content in digital newspapers may vary depending on the publisher. For example, some publishers will provide a specific app where you can only read their publications.

In the year 2022, everyone is reading the news on their phones. There are many different apps out there, but it can be difficult to find the one that’s best for you. You can create your own digital newspaper website by following these steps:

  1. Purchase a domain and sign up for a hosting service.
  2. Create a custom template to use for your newspaper.
    Install WordPress on the server.
  3. Design your newspaper.
  4. Write articles to add to your newspaper.
  5. Share your newspaper on social media.

And if you don’t want to struggle… you can schedule a meeting with us. And we’ll provide you with the service or guidance you need.

Digital journalism is a relatively new field that has many advantages and disadvantages. It allows journalists to have more freedom and flexibility in their work. It also enables journalists to work from anywhere and publish their work online. However, digital journalism does not allow the same amount of social interaction as print journalism, which has many advantages for the journalist. Digital journalism is also only as good as the skills of the journalist, so if you are a novice, you may find it difficult to break into this field.

Yes, VAT is included at the end of your purchase. If you require an invoice, please let us know.

Digital media is a term used to describe any type of media that is produced and distributed digitally. Digital media can be in the form of text, audio, video, or even interactive content. It’s also important to note that digital media is not limited to traditional media such as television, radio, and print. Information processing via digital media.

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