We Make Your Calls

  • febrero 26, 2024

We Make Your Calls is a virtual assistance and contact solutions center. It excels in servicing the following industries: Real Estate, Credit Repair, Mortgage and Solar Panel Sales. This company is operating contact and virtual assistance campaigns in Canada, the United States and Australia. One of WMYC’s biggest challenges is to follow up on every call, appointment and sale made for each client. Also to have a better control of the leads.

Initially we chose to integrate it with Firebase. After half a year we realized that it was not feasible due to the high demand of reading contacts. So we decided to migrate the database to mongo, which was a very drastic change because it improved the speed of reading and writing, when working with multiple campaigns and leads.

Also giving the client reports and tracking of their campaigns. But until now many CRMs do that, that’s why it was decided to develop an omnichannel system: A system that encompasses various channels and improvements.

We Make Your Calls, a virtual assistance services company in the United States, was struggling to gain traction in the online space. They had no social media presence, no call system, and did not rank well on Google.

After working with Huasteca Network to develop a brand strategy, create a social media presence, develop their CRM system and implement an SEO strategy focused on local search terms, We Make Your Calls was able to position itself as one of the top choices for those looking for virtual assistance services. WMYC has also had a presence in Canada, Spain and Australia.

Update 2022: In this first quarter of the year, it was decided to switch from VueJS to React, which represents a change and improvement in the CRM performance. We also started working on a SaaS model for the system.

Manage your company’s interaction with current and potential customers.
Customer retention
Drive sales growth
For campaigns
Campaign tracking
Sales reporting
Lead management
Predictive and sales forecasting capabilities
Real-time insight into your campaign information
Multichannel marketing campaign management
Benefits for your company
Reduce time spent managing emails, calls and meetings
Closer contact with your customers = competitive advantage

Update 1
WebRTC: real-time communications in the Web browser
Allocation of numbers and minutes for sales campaigns.
Appointment management.
Campaign management.
IVR: Interactive Voice Response.
Tracking of hours worked for virtual assistants.
Upgrade v2

In this phase, improvements were made to the code and image.